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About Us

At Tilted Lotus, we know that the clothes you wear are an expression of your identity, highlighting your unique style and distinct personality. But in a world of fast fashion and cyclical trends, it can be difficult to find high quality pieces that not only feel authentic to you, but can grow and evolve as you do. Enter: Tilted Lotus.

We create contemporary clothing for the intentional and expressive. Each piece is inspired by South Asia and is made with luxe, breathable and long-lasting fabrics. From Mughal to Gond and Madhubani to Aari, we’re constantly exploring new ways to incorporate ancient traditional and tribal art into modern silhouettes. Our clothes feel good and look good… but they also do good.

Our team of artisans and tailors are at the core of Tilted Lotus. Their work, with techniques often passed down generations, keeps us inspired. As we champion expression and empowerment for our community, we know that community starts with us. That’s why, we’re committed to ensuring fair wages to artisans and do so by eliminating the middleman.

What else? This one's very close to our heart. We’re a proud corporate sponsor for the Three Little Pitties Rescue, a non-profit 501c3 dog and cat rescue dedicated to saving animals out of desperate situations, primarily in the Houston, Texas area. TLP Rescue has saved 11,000+ animals in recent years and your support— every like, share, and purchase— contributes toward saving even more.