Preeti grew up in a happy childhood filled with art and music. She was lovingly described as बिंदास (bindaas)a ‘cool, carefree spirit.’ Between school and Sitar classes, she spent her spare time picking up pencils, paintbrushes, and sketching out her dreams.

Preeti’s bindaas nature translated into a nomadic life, moving from India to the U.K. to Canada and to the U.S.A. But while the countries got further, her roots only grew deeper. A proud South Asian, Preeti took it upon herself to start conversations about her identity, her culture, and her heritage… quickly realizing that while those markers distinguish us, they can also bring us closer.

As the years passed, Preeti began seeking out ways to channel her creativity, advocate for individuality, be an ally, and champion South Asian heritage. And so, Tilted Lotus was born. Juggling her own responsibilities as a mom to two pets (foster mom to many) with working full-time hours, she dove into the world of textile and design— and today creates expressive clothes that are inspired by South Asia, made for one and all.